General Moulding(Hand Lamination)

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It is a production technique suitable for prototypes and low volume production of fibre composite material parts. The composite part will have a nice smooth surface on one side and a slightly rough one on the other. Here, it is very easy to control fiber orientation due manual process. Furthermore, the process is very flexible as it can produce from very small, up to very large part of different kinds of geometry.

RIL VCD is having a separate dedicated production facility for customized hand laminated products to cater to almost all the industrial segment suiting to their requirement as also providing concept to commissioning solution including Design, Prototyping, Production and Installation of such products at site.

The current capacity of RIL VCD in hand lamination is close to 10000+ MTPA, which can accommodate the requirement of 1500+ numbers of Nacelle Cover & Nose Cone and 2000+ Sets of Fanstacks of Cooling Tower each year.

The hand laminated products being manufactured at RIL VCD are complied with following certification :

  • CTI-137 (Cooling Tower Industry Standard)
  • UL 94 V-0
  • ASTM E-84

The major products being manufactured through Hand Lamination are :

  • Fanstacks / Fanrings
  • Nacelle Cover
  • Nose Cone
  • Igloss
  • Any customised shape of any geometry