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- Possiblities The Norm

RelX™ composite materials allow for infinite possibilities in creation, given their wonderful composition and properties. They enable innovations and newer applications in multiple ways.

This makes RelX™ FRP / GRP composites strong and lightweight, resistant to corrosion from weather and chemicals, durable, flexible enough to be molded into any complicated shape.

Giving them the edge over any other material such as steel, aluminium, wood or granite.

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Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) is India's largest private and most profitable private sector company and the first Indian Fortune 500 company too.

It has a formidable presence in Petrochemicals with diverse product offerings, such as Polyesters, Polymers, Elastomers, Aromatics & Fibre Intermediates, Advanced Materials & Composites. In various product groups, Reliance ranks among the top ten global leaders.

Reliance endeavours to partner its customers in developing products & services that bring smiles to the faces of end-consumers and add value to life, through an initiative called 'Chemistry for Smiles'.

RIL is committed to sustainable growth through creating value for the nation and enhancing quality of life across the socio-economic spectrum

RelX™ Composites

- The Future is Here

Welcome to RelX™, the advanced composite materials brand from Reliance Industries Ltd.

RelX™ makes and utilizes glass reinforced polymer (GRP) and fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) composites in a wide range of customized industrial applications for sector-specific clients.

Our operations include design, manufacturing, commissioning and marketing state-of-the-art composite solutions.

We offer a wide range of products – from standard shapes to the most challenging solutions, including custom fabrication and installation.

More importantly, our composites are made at the world’s most integrated FRP / GRP composite manufacturing facility.

This helps us become a single point contact encompassing conceptual design, developing prototypes, testing, manufacturing, logistics support, installation and after sales services; to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Structural Strengthening

Reliance Composites Solutions, Vadodara introduces Relinforce™, a range of Carbon wrap & Glass Fiber reinforced polymer solution, for structural strengthening & protection of the structural members using guidelines that conform to international standards.

Changing social needs, upgrading of design standards, increased safety requirements and deterioration result in existing reinforced concrete structures such as bridges, jetties, buildings & pipelines to be strengthened.

This strengthening of defective members is usually accomplished by construction of external reinforced concrete or shotcrete jackets, by epoxy bonding of steel plates or by external post-tensioning.

An alternate technique involves Fiber Reinforced Polymers (FRP) in the form of thin laminates or fabrics.

Relinforce™ just doesn’t repair degraded structures, but it makes the structures stronger even against harmful effects of seismic forces or further corrosion. Unlike traditional retrofit or reconstruction techniques that require demolition and reconstruction of part or whole failing structures, Carbon wrap goes right over the existing substrate, minimizing disruption during repair and saving significantly on installation time and costs. Applied in the form of a flexible fabric during installation, it is then saturated with a resin matrix, allowing it to harden to transform to a strong, unyielding material with a strength-to-weight ratio that exceeds 40 times that of steel.

Relinforce™ applications :

  • Pipe Strengthening
  • Industrial Infrastructure Retrofitting
  • Bridge & Jetty Rehabilitation.


Relinforce™ Range of product offer an engineer a wide range of options combined with outstanding combination of properties, such as low weight, immunity to corrosion, excellent mechanical strength and stiffness to tackle the issues on hand with ease.


RelX™ Composites

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