RTM (Resin Transfer Moulding) is a closed-mold, vacuum-assisted process that employs a flexible solid counter tool used for the B-side surface compression. This process yields excellent strength-to-weight characteristics, high glass-to-resin ratio and increased laminate compression.

In this process, fiber preform or dry fiber reinforcement is packed into a mold cavity that has the shape of the desired part. The mold is then closed and clamped.

Catalyzed, low viscosity resin is then pumped into the mold under pressure, displacing the air at the edges, until the mold is filled. In VARTM, the assistance of vacuum in utilized to suck-out the excess resin and any voids that may remain in the laminate.

After the fill cycle, the cure cycle starts during which the mold is heated, and the resin polymerizes to become rigid plastic. Gel coats may be used to provide a high-quality, durable finished product.

RCS manufactures and supplies number of products catering the needs of Transportation segments which are being produced through above mentioned major manufacturing process.