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Fiber-reinforced polymer composites have found extensive applications in the oil and gas industry as well as fuel-retail segment for the last three decades in areas such as oil/fuel storage, pipes, pressure vessels and equipment’s. The cost advantages of composite products are much greater when they replace expensive conventional metals such as copper-nickel alloys, stainless steel, titanium, MS, etc. used in offshore platforms for various applications. Their resistance to corrosion & chemicals helps in improving reliability and safety & also leads to lower life cycle costs.

The major products being manufactured for Offshore platforms as well as Petro-Retail outlets are

  • Underground Fuel Storage Tanks
  • Lightning Poles / Taper Poles
  • Moulded/Pultruded Gratings
  • Platform / Walkways / Deck Panels
  • Handrails/Fencing
  • Ladder / Cage Ladders / Staircase
  • Partition Walls / Doors / Porta Cabins
  • Cylinders/Storage Vessels
  • Sand Bucket Stand


FRP Sand Bucket Stand

40 KL Single Wall Tank

54 KL Double Wall Tank