Pultrusion is a continuous moulding process whereby reinforcing fibres are saturated with a liquid polymer resin and then carefully formed and pulled through a heated die to form a part. Pultrusion results in straight constant cross section parts of virtually any shippable length.

RIL-VCD is currently having 40+ Pultrusion lines with a manufacturing capacity of 10000+ MTPA of Pultruded Profiles to cater to the emerging needs of FRP Pultruded Profiles across the globe.

The Pultruded Profiles being manufactured at RIL-VCD are complied with following certification:

  • CTI-137 (Cooling Tower Industry Standard)
  • NEMA (The National Electrical Manufacturers Association – Mainly for Cable Tray & Fittings)
  • EN 13706
  • UL 94 V-0
  • ASTM E-84
  • SERC

Pultruded Structural profiles are being used in almost all Industrial segments. The major products/application of Pultruded Profiles are:

  • Cooling Tower Structural Profiles
  • Cooling Tower Fan Blades
  • Pultruded Grating
  • Perforated type Cable Trays/Ladder type Cable Trays
  • Staircase and Platform
  • Ladder & Cage Ladder
  • Decking System
  • Walkway
  • Bridges
  • Poles
  • FRP Plates / Chequered Plate


Deck Panel



Square Box Profile

Grating/Trench Cover

Round Pipe